Aparna Shukla's Profile

Teaching Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation and Antenatal Classes

Practicing Yoga from the age of 8 she is continuously training her to advance form of

yoga practices. As a Mindfulness teacher Aparna has trained Nurses, midwives, HSE staff, INMO staff, Administration staff, IT professionals and Industrial relation officers, Physiotherapists, Health Care Assistants Old age care workers, PHD students in University.

Aparna is in a unique position to combine scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom, she practices Mindfulness and

meditation and spirituality in her daily life

Aparna is a Health care professional, a qualified Nurse , Midwife and Yoga and Mindfulness teacher with Masters degree in Nursing from Delhi University. Aparna is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher. She has completed a module on “Preparation for Birth and Parenthood Facilitation” from Cork University in 2012.

With her growing interest in meditation and Raj yoga she undertook a course in “Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness” in 2014 from the Institute of Integrative counselling and psychotherapy. In year 2016 Aparna has completed a module in “Reflective Practice” from UCD. She has also completed MBSR [Mindfulness based stress reduction course] Program in 2017 and continuing to learn mindfulness with various online courses provided by Padraig O’ Morain”Self Compassion” in 2017 & “Working Well Mindfully” in 2018.


Aparna has worked as an Assistant Professor in College of Nursing Gwalior, and has also provided her services in National Maternity hospital Dublin, Presently she is working as a Midwife Nurse Advisor for VHI. She also facilitates workshops for Professional Development Centre of Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation [INMO]. Aparna has facilitated many Workshops for INMO, to name a few- Pregnancy Complications, Postnatal care, Mindfulness and Meditation for Holistic Nursing Care. Aparna has also trained Midwives in delivering Antenatal classes.

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