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Holistic Child Birth Classes

Meditation Classes

We provide one to one, group and corporate sessions for mindfulness, meditation and yoga throughout Ireland.

Preparing parents for the most important and exciting time of their life through a holistic approach to their child birth experience and beyond. We provide services that prepare your body and mind

Midwife led pregnancy yoga and mindfulness classes in Leinster.

Antenatal Classes in Dublin / Meath


Due to the current restrictions on travel during the COVID-19 outbreak, we have now started operating online


Mindful Morning: 2 hour sessions, monthly classes.

Workshop on dealing with stress and resilience through the practice of mindfulness. One full day, 9 A.M - 5 P.M

Mindful living course: 6 weeks. Each class is for 3 hours once a week.

Corporate Mindfulness sessions and talks according to your needs


Yoga Classes

Gentle stretching body movements, yoga postures or asanas, breathing exercise or pranayam and yoga for a healthy back.

Our yoga classes help you understand your body and you become tuned in to listen  to your body and mind to bring ultimate harmony into your life.

Our Yoga classes offer you a one stop shop for all your physical, mental, or spiritual needs.

Holistic Child Birth and parenting (Antenatal Classes)

Early pregnancy classes in the 1st trimester incorporate health, fitness, food safety, accessing maternity services, yoga, mindfulness, and much more

Child birth and parenting class in 2nd and 3rd trimesters cover onset of labour, birthing positions, calm breathing, baby feeding, natural birth, caesarean birth, induction and parenting advice.

Post-birth, breastfeeding and baby massage classes include baby care, changing relationship dynamics, vaccination, looking for warning signs and mother and baby yoga.



- One to one meditation session.

- Group mindful breathing meditation classes weekly.

- Forgiveness meditation

- Rejuvenating and whole again meditation sessions 4 week courses.

Special meditation sessions for women who are trying to conceive, had a loss or a miscarriage, post natal depression

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Contact us

If you wish to book one of our antenatal classes (holistic child birth classes), yoga and mindfulness workshops or a one-to-one session with Aparna, please contact me at the numbers/emails below.

We are serving all parts of Dublin, Meath, West - Meath, Kildare, Wicklow and Cavan.

Tel: 014131241, 046 956 7275

Mobile: 087 9171 494

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